My husband was looking for a IT person and was getting really stressed out about it. I said "Why don't you look into a staffing agency?" and he said "For IT?

Do they have those?" I said "Of course they probably do" and did an online search. (I am the computer person in our household:) I came upon Dubaijobs.net--they had a nice looking website and really interesting content supplementing it, like blogs with topics like "How to Get a Job if You're Overqualified".

I thought they seemed very in touch with modern thought and technology so this was the first number I presented to my husband. dubaijobs.net great company

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i've had 2 different awesome experiences with this firm. In one case, I received significant interview preparation and career coaching, and was successfully placed in a role in the finance community.

In the second instance, I had a staff who wrote up a short couple of paragraphs about my profile and sent it around to a surprisingly wonderful list of firms. He put a lot of effort into his advertisement of me and it was great to see someone go the extra mile.

I'd recommend this firm to any high quality candidate in finance. Only apply here if you are a good person who gets along in a team, this firm has standards about who they will represent and they will do extensive background checks on you.

thanks to all if you at dubaijobs.net

Shawn , Canada


My experience with Dubaijobs.net was fantastic! I had the pleasure of working with Lindsay, their rockstar recruiter.

Lindsay is consummate professional who truly loves her job. No shock that she's really great at it too.

She asked all the right questions and helped guide me through the job search process with ease. Nothing felt forced and I could tell she had my best interests at heart.

We started off with over a handful of positions at a variety of companies. After we discussed the positive and negative aspects of each, we settled on three positions.

After each interview, we circled back up via a phone call and discussed how I felt.

This was the case throughout the process, from the initial phone screens to the in person interviews.

anyways, thats for you help

will be in touch

Grace in Australia

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